Full Detail 

An extensive clean from top to bottom: this will give your car a like-new feeling.


  • Double Bucket Hand Wash W/ Foam Canon + Grit Guard

  • Paint Decontamination  

  • Hand Wax & Buff

  • 2 Step Deep Wheel Clean - Barrels Included* 

  • Tire Shine

  • Exterior Trim Restoration 

  • Minor Scratch & Paint Transfer Removal

  • Glass

  • Windshield Rain Repellent

  • Metal/Chrome Trim Polish

  • Wheel Polish/Synthetic Coating

  • Exhaust  Tip Polish

  • Add a Headlight Restoration for only $70


  • Vacuum

  • Trash Removal

  • Hot Water Carpet Extraction & Shampoo

  • Steam Clean Upholstery

  • Headliner Spot Treatment

  • Deodorize & Air Freshener

  • Stain Treatment/Removal

  • Leather Scrub Clean & Condition

  • Complete Interior Clean From Vents to Storage Compartments (All Cracks & Crevices)

  • Vinyl, Plastic, & Rubber UV Protection + Shine (Including all Weather Strip)

  • Door Jamb Steam Clean

  • Glass

Full Detail

Sedans/Coupe - $270

Crossover/SUV - $290

Oversize/3 Row - $320

Express Detail

A thorough cleaning inside and out that will still bring some shine.

Mobile Pricing

  • Double Bucket Hand Wash  W/ Foam Canon + Grit Guard

  • Spray Wax

  • Wheel Clean - Face Only

  • Tire Shine 

  • Essential Interior Cracks & Crevices (Dash, Cup holders, Vents)

  • Vacuum

  • Door Jamb Wipe

  • Trash Removal

  • Glass 

  • Air Freshener

Express Detail

Sedans/Coupe - $160

Crossover/SUV - $180

Oversize/3 Row - $200

Interior Detail

Sedans/Coupe - $170

Crossover/SUV - $190

Oversize/3 Row - $210

Exterior Detail

Sedans/Coupe - $145

Crossover/SUV - $160

Oversize/3 Row - $180

Name Your Price

Give us a price of $75 or more and we can tell you what you can get for your money.

Showroom Detail

This Includes Everything From The Full Detail And More:

  • Full Vehicle Polish + Paint Sealant Or Ceramic

  • Wheel Removal & Complete Barrel Clean

  • Caliper Cleaning

  • Windshield Polish + 3 Month Repellent

  • Seat Removal 

  • Engine Bay Detail

Pricing varies by vehicle, call for a quote!

Window Tint

Standard Lifetime Film

  • Trucks- $185-$210

  • Sedans/Coupes - $195-$230 

  • SUVs - $220-$280

  • Windshield Brow - $50-$70

  • Full Windshield Tint - $150-$250

 Free Estimates Within 10 Miles!

Heat Rejecting Ceramic Film

  • Trucks/Work Vans - $300-$325

  • Sedans/Coupes - $350-$380 

  • Large SUVs - $395-$440

  • Full Windshield Tint - $280-$440

We offer two types of film in a variety of shades; Standard Dye Film and Heat Rejecting Ceramic Film. Both backed by a lifetime warranty, standard film gives the UV protection and privacy desired while ceramic films do the same in addition to providing 1.5x-2x more heat rejection. 

Other Services Offered

  • Paint Correction (Scratch/Swirl Removal) Starting at $100+

  • Ceramic Coatings (2-7 Year Guarantee) $400+

  • Paint Sealants $50-$150

  • Headlight Restoration - $95/Pair

  • Engine Bay Degrease + Shine From $50+*

What is a ceramic coating?

NEVER WAX AGAIN! Ceramic coatings are a permanent, glass-like cover placed on the car. They provide extreme gloss, protection, and make cleaning the car a breeze! These coatings are designed to be extremely hydrophobic and have self cleaning properties. Our coating has a hardness rating of 9H which is currently the best in the industry. This provides superior protection to any paint sealant and/or wax. Wax does not protect the car  the that way some people think it does and it is gone after several washes. While this will not protect you from high velocity rock chips, minor chips will be avoided and it will be very hard to scratch or swirl the coated paint. These coatings easily outlast the life of the car when maintained properly. We'd love to discuss more about our coatings with you, give us a call today!

Please call for the most accurate quote for a service tailored to your needs!

Some things that may yield additional charges are but are not limited to: pet hair, excessive dirt, brake dust build up, mud, oil splatter, severe odors, excessive stains, or tree sap. Mobile pricing is based on 80924 zip code within 10-13 miles - outside of that may be a slight increase in price. 

*Not all engine bays can be serviced. Your engine bay may be respectfully declined due to vehicle type, condition, age, or other factors in which we apologize for in advance. If brake dust is left on the wheel for a prolonged time, it may be unremovable as it has baked into the wheel.

More Than A Wipe Down
Remove dirt and dust from tough areas!
Bentley Bentayga
Experienced with high end vehicles!
Steering Wheel Build Up
Very common grease and oil that is mistaken for wear.
Brake Dust Removal
We have special products and tools to handle hard break dust.
Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic provides outstanding shine, protection, and keeps the car cleaner much longer!
Revitalizing Interior Vinyl/PLastic
Keep a nice interior shine and leave your vinyl protected from the sun's harmful rays!
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